Facebook is preparing to launch its new platform next week

The social network continues to discover more features and possibilities for its large empire, and in this regard, many sources indicated that Facebook is preparing next week to unveil a new platform geared for podcasting, in what appears to be a continuation of the company’s investment in audio media.

And previous reports, last April, indicated that the social networking site Facebook is planning to launch its own podcast platform, which is expected to be presented within the social network, which was eventually confirmed by Facebook, as it announced that podcasts will reach To Facebook next week, and exactly next Tuesday, to be added to the feature of voice chat rooms that I revealed previously.

And “The Verge” had indicated that Facebook had begun sending emails to podcast creators about a new podcast page that will be published on June 22, with the email saying that users will be able to listen to the podcast directly on the Facebook platform pages. Also, in the new “Podcasts” tab, which is not yet available, anyone can set up an RSS feed to add a podcast to Facebook and once the podcast is approved, new episodes will be shown there automatically.

In the message Facebook sent to creators about the new podcast service, we read, “From June 22, 2021, Facebook will be the place where people can enjoy, discuss and share the podcast they love with each other. To help them find your work, we can add a new tab to Your Page which will display your podcasts by adding your podcasts to your Page people will be able to listen to every episode live on Facebook There is no need to upload or link anything Your Page will be updated with your latest episodes as they become available You can also unpublish or remove your podcast at any time.”

9to5mac notes that Facebook will also launch a feature called “Clips” to help creators promote their podcasts with short clips of an episode that can be shared anywhere on the social network.