Facebook is testing ads on virtual reality helmets Oculus Quest

For the social networking site Facebook, ads are one of the most important sources of income for the company that relies on freebies in most of its services, but Facebook is counting on the ad service to reach virtual reality as well, after it was limited to its social networking and instant messaging platforms.

And Facebook announced yesterday that Oculus Quest owners will start seeing ads inside VR helmet applications, where the first application will be the game Blaston, and there will be two other applications after that, but their names were not revealed by Facebook.

“For now, this is a test with a few apps – once we see how this test is going and integrate feedback from developers and the community, we’ll provide more details about when ads can become more widely available across the Oculus platform and in Oculus,” Facebook said. mobile app, as well as guidance for companies and developers interested in advertising on Oculus. We’re eager to know what you think, so feel free to contact Oculus Support to share your feedback.”

Facebook added, “This is a new innovation in the ad industry, and it’s still early days. We’re currently investing in unobtrusive ads as a new way for developers to build businesses – and while we’re not quite ready to test it yet, we’re also exploring new, unique ad formats.” In virtual reality.

Although this is an early test, we are excited about the opportunity to open up new revenue streams for developers and, as a result, expand the type of apps and content on the Oculus platform. A more profitable content platform is a critical step on the way to truly becoming mainstream consumer virtual reality. This is something we think is worth celebrating.”