Facebook launches the feature of short videos to compete with TikTok

Competition between Facebook and TikTok for short video clips

Facebook is not having its best moment. This is not because he lacks money or employees, but because he has lost that leadership that he had so much in recent years.

TikTok has become the most downloaded app on the planet and is overtaken, in the form of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, all owned by Mark Zuckerberg. In search of getting back what he’s lost, the social media giant has rolled out Reels to Instagram, short videos that look a lot like – if not the same – as those on TikTok. Since that wasn’t enough, he’s now striving for more: in the US he has implemented Facebook Reels.

With this feature, Facebook users will be able to create and share content on their personal accounts, in their News Feed, or directly in groups of friends. This tool is actually an extension of experiments launched earlier this year in India, Mexico and Canada, which focused on providing short videos to Facebook users.

When Instagram Reels launched, it happened on the platform that many of the uploaded videos were original from TikTok, which required an algorithm to stop the TikTok logo from appearing on Instagram. With that in mind, Facebook has already scoffed that it will give US Instagram creators the option to display their Reels as recommended content on Facebook. If creators choose to share, their videos will appear in the “Reels” section of users’ Facebook News Feed, along with other short videos created on Facebook.

The process will be very similar to any other application: in addition to the ability to upload or shoot videos, the user will have a section of tools with which they can edit and add text, music, effects, and more.