Facebook reveals when Donald Trump will return to its platform

Former US President Donald Trump continues to raise a lot of controversy in the technical arena, even after many months of leaving the White House, and the reason for this is the ban he was subjected to on various social media sites, which is still in effect, but we know at least the date Which Facebook chose to lift the ban.

The social networking platform Facebook announced its decision to ban the former US president from all of its platforms, including Instagram, for at least two years, which prevents Donald Trump from returning before the date of January 7, 2023, and Facebook stresses that if the conditions for return are not met on this date, Facebook reserves the right to extend Donald Trump’s ban in the name of peace on the platform, to which Trump responded in a brief statement by saying: “Next time I’m in the White House, there will be no more dinner parties, for Mark Zuckerberg and his wife. There will be Only work!

As a reminder, the Supervisory Board of the social networking platform Facebook decided last month to maintain the ban on Donald Trump’s account on the social network, as the former US president is unable to publish messages, photos, videos or any other content, but this ban will not be permanent on Like Twitter, the council will have to reconsider its decision in the coming months, but the council noted that “at the time Mr. Trump’s messages were published, there was a clear and immediate risk of harm and his words of support for those involved in the riots began their violent actions.”

As for Twitter, it announced the final ban on the account of former US President Donald Trump, as Twitter’s chief financial officer, “Ned Segal” told CNBC last February, that Trump’s ban on Twitter is permanent and not temporary, as he said, “The way you work Our policies, when you are removed from the Platform, you are removed from the Platform, “whether you are a commentator, CFO, or a former or current Chief Executive Officer. Remember, our policies are designed to make sure that people do not incite violence, and if anyone does, we must remove them from service and our policies do not allow people to return.”