Facebook services are not working and this is the possible reason

Facebook and the rest of its services have stopped working in half the world, due to the downfall that affected both the social network itself, as well as Instagram and WhatsApp.

All three platforms seem to have problems in different countries. At the moment, the company has not commented on the reasons, and everything seems to indicate that it affects users around the world equally, not just users in specific countries.

Platforms like DownDetector have been inundated with complaints from users, who claim they are unable to send WhatsApp messages, re-upload their Instagram feeds, or post on Facebook. Facebook Messenger is also down, and messages cannot be sent or received.

It’s not clear why Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp fell, but it’s not the first time the platforms have experienced problems in recent months.

In any case, it is more likely that the problems will subside with the passage of minutes, because the company is working to solve the problems. However, it is possible that not all users will be able to access the services at the same time, but everything will happen in an overlapping manner.

On this occasion, the crash appears to be more serious than usual, as external Facebook services such as logging into some apps with a Facebook profile are also not available. Users of games like Pokémon GO or Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG realized the fall when they saw that they were unable to access their account in the game by logging in from Facebook.

It seems that a problem in the DNS was behind the failure of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger

According to reverse engineering developer Jane Manchun Wong, a failure in Facebook’s DNS server appears to be the cause of the problems. However, the company did not confirm or deny that this is the real reason behind the problems.

Several minutes after the fall began, WhatsApp itself posted a statement on its Twitter profile, stating that it was aware of the issues, and that they were working on a solution as quickly as possible.

Likewise, Facebook did the same with a statement on its Twitter profile, indicating that a fix to the issues is already being worked on.