Features revealed so far about iPhone 14

Every day, new news appears about the iPhone 14, which Apple plans to release in the last months of 2022. It seems that drastic changes are on the way in the newly emerging information. All the predictions about the iPhone 14 series:

How will the iPhone 14 series be?

The design images of the new iPhone series were recently leaked. It is said that the first changes in the design of the phone will be in terms of the notch. Apple, which has been offering a cut screen experience for many years, has come under fire from some groups. This notch, which he says is getting smaller every year, will completely disappear in the new iPhone series and the front camera is said to be placed in the screen hole just like Android phones.

On the other hand, Jon Prosser predicts that the iPhone 14 will have flat edges, while he also believes that there will be no camera bump, the notch will disappear, and a device without volume buttons will be revealed like the iPhone 4. Mark Gorman of Bloomberg announced that the upcoming iPhone series will be unveiled. Redesign it and you’ll ditch the little love for the iPhone.

In a report published by The Elec, it was stated that the notch on iPhones will only be removed from devices with the “pro” extension. There are differences of opinion about the changes that will be experienced on the camera side. While Prosser argues that a less prominent rear camera will appear with the iPhone 14 series, Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple will welcome us with a larger 48MP camera. to remind you; With the iPhone 13 series, Apple updated the design of the rear camera and started using much larger sensors. As a result, camera lenses have grown in appearance.

There are also some rumors about screen sizes and storage spaces.

It is reported that four models will be offered, namely iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The models in question will have 6.08- and 6.68-inch screens. According to the new information, the new iPhones will come with Wi-Fi 6E technology. Thanks to this feature, much faster wireless data transmission will be possible.

We previously learned that not all iPhone 14s have a screen refresh rate of 120Hz. Of course, this was Ross Young’s guess and may not be certain, but let’s say there is such a possibility. On the camera side of the series there will be no significant change compared to previous models, and on the processor side it will be equipped with an A16 Bionic processor (in the absence of a change) which comes out from a 5nm process.

We will remember that Apple offered 6 GB of RAM in the iPhone 13 series. Among the leaked information is that the company will use 8 GB of RAM in the iPhone family that will be introduced next year. On the storage side, Apple, which also offers a 1TB version, is expected to have 64GB models again.