Finally .. Xiaomi comes out of the blacklist

Xiaomi’s return to moving forward after the decision to cancel its ban and take it off the blacklist

At a time when the Chinese company Huawei is facing great sanctions that have actually led to a major collapse in the smart phone industry, its citizen Xiaomi is more fortunate than her, and the occasion for that is the decision of the US authorities to officially lift the sanctions against them after the US judiciary said its word on this issue,

And the matter has become officially clear, as the administration of US President Joe Biden announced the lifting of the name of the Chinese company Xiaomi from the blacklist or the list of sanctions with Huawei at its head, a decision signed by the previous administration of President Donald Trump, which appears to be an attempt by the US authorities to reduce Tensions have escalated with the Chinese authorities in what has become in recent years the trade war between the two countries.

Former US President Donald Trump had added Xiaomi to the black list at the end of his term, and exactly in January of this year, to add to its citizenship Huawei, which suffered greatly during the Trump presidency, which was reflected in its public activities significantly and not only.

The smart phone industry, although the same accusations leveled against Huawei were directed at Xiaomi, for allegedly dealing with the Chinese army and threatening US user data, its luck was better.

The American judiciary decided to withdraw Xiaomi from the blacklist in mid-March, which opens the door for American investors to invest in the Chinese company and thus not define it as a company that threatens the national security of the country.