Finally you no longer need an invitation to open an account on Clubhouse

After a long wait, the creators of the social network Clubhouse have announced that the invitation system has been permanently scrapped. This way, any user can join the app by simply downloading the app and creating an account.

By growing exponentially during the onset of the pandemic, Clubhouse achieved the unexpected: getting millions of people to dare to try a social network different from the rest.
Thanks to a post on its blog, the company stated that invitations to join the social network were in the past.

Although the system they implemented to attract new users was useless, the creators had to do it this way, because in their opinion, it was the only way to adjust the number of people in the beginning.

Likewise, this did not stop the millions of users who were interested in being part of a new social network.

Despite the restrictions imposed in recent months, Clubhouse has managed to add more than 10 million users since its launch on Android. The company itself estimates that the app reached 7.8 million downloads in June, a number that shows how successful the social network has been in recent months.

If you have not yet been able to experience the social network because no one has invited you, then all you need now is to download the Clubhouse app on your mobile phone. Once downloaded, you can create an account with an email address or phone number.

Clubhouse download link: Android and IOS