Find out how sellers in the dark web ship goods to customers?

Some may wonder about the ways that seller’s resort to in the dark web, to deliver goods and contraband to customers and people who have purchased them using cryptocurrencies.

As everyone knows, most postal services do not check what is inside the package, because checking every single delivery will take a lot and a lot of time. It simply is not possible.

However, there are a few exceptions, which require opening and checking the package:

• When the package comes to the EU from a country that is not part of the EU.
• When the package looks suspicious, or the police dogs smell something in the package.

Arms dealers in the dark web claim that they disassemble the firearm before sending it, and that they put various parts of it, in broken computers, old auto parts etc. Even if x-rayed it will look “normal”.

But there is one important question you should ask:

What guarantee do you have, that the package you paid for will actually come to you? Because you pay up front, why don’t dark web merchants just disappear with the money…?