Find out why pirated movie sites such as EgyBest are not closed?

There are many platforms that enable you to watch movies and series for free and without limits, and perhaps the most famous in the Arab world is the EgyBest platform, and we all know that the content provided by these sites is paid content and other companies such as Netflix have paid millions or billions of dollars to produce it, why not close these sites for infringement of property rights? This is what we will learn in this article, so follow me.

At the beginning, you should know that these platforms are not the ones that upload movies, but they only integrate the code of another service that is responsible for uploading series and movies, and as an example of these services, we find openload that was previously used by the Egyptian platform, Therefore, if any company like Netflix wants to fight plagiarized content, it must go to the source and not to these platforms.

But you might say that the EgyBest platform and others display videos with its logo and Arabic translation, so what you should know is that these services such as openload provide so-called API’s that enable the platform to add any kind of additions such as logo and translation before displaying it on the site.

Now the question is why these services are not closed as openload, the answer in short is that services use the so-called offshore hosting, which is hosting that does not care about what is published as it is not controlled by the DMCA that can close the site due to property rights. These sites also use local domains such as ag, pa, co … belonging to countries (such as Mexico) that either do not have or allow specific laws about piracy.