For the first time .. Microsoft confirms the existence of Windows 11

With the approaching date of the new Microsoft event, which has only three days left, as the company is supposed to reveal its new operating system that created the event “Windows 11”, and although Microsoft did not explicitly disclose this system, all the hints refer to it.

But Microsoft eventually ended up announcing that the new version of Windows that would succeed Windows 10 would actually be Windows 11, but in an indirect way, as the media indicated that Microsoft had sent a request to Google based on the “Digital Millennium Property Act” known for its acronym. With the DMCA, a US copyright law, this request aims to stop Google from indexing an article on Beebom that talks about Windows 11 and provides a link to download it.

The text of Microsoft’s request reads: “ article distributes Windows 11 ISO (Copyright Microsoft Corporation). Please remove their article from search. It is a leaked copy of Windows 11 that has not been released.” And it is the first confirmation from Microsoft that there is a new system called Windows 11 after many leaks.

In the middle of this month, Microsoft updated its support page for its operating systems, a few days away from the event that the company will organize, in which it will reveal what it called “the next generation of Windows“, which is a new major update for the Windows system. Microsoft will reveal it, and this is how we learned that Windows 10, which was officially supported for the first time since July 29, 2015, will be discontinued on October 14, 2025, meaning that it will be outdated from this date.

The media also reported Microsoft’s preparations to reveal in detail the “next generation of Windows” at a special event, as the software giant began sending out invitations to the media for a Windows event on June 24. At the Windows event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Chief Product Officer Panos Panay will present the new version of the system.