Genshin Impact Mobile revenue exceeded $2 billion in the first year

Genshin Impact is the highest earning mobile game.

In a previous article titled “How Genshin Impact Conquered the World Free Chinese RPG,” we provided you with a comprehensive analysis of the RPG game that quickly grabbed the spotlight and became one of the most successful titles on the scene, and indeed, this success embodied in the form of huge revenues that crossed the $2 billion mark. smartphones in their first year on the market.

The MiHoYo game studio generated a whopping $2 billion in worldwide gamer spending in its first year, a figure for the smartphone only and not including the PC, PlayStation or Switch versions.

Sensor Tower data indicates that the open-world game was the third-largest mobile game by revenue across the App Store and Google Play, surpassed only by Tencent’s Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile.

China has become the largest market for Genshin Impact on smartphones, and the game generated $577 million in China on iOS alone, which is 28.6% of its total global revenue. globally, followed by Pokémon Go and Robox games.

Genshin Impact hasn’t lost momentum in its first year, with Sensor Tower reporting back in March that the game generated $1.02 billion in player spending in the first six months.