Get to know OneWeb which is the Starlink alternative for online application

Meet OneWeb, the Starlink alternative to deliver satellite internet to anywhere on Earth

Not only will Starlink offer satellite internet, but companies like OneWeb are also developing their own systems.

Starlink has made many people aware of the possibility of connecting to the Internet via the satellite network. This is an expensive technology still in full development, but it may be particularly interesting in rural areas. Although it should not be considered that Starlink is the only company investing in this business.

OneWeb comes from the UK and is working to bring internet across the planet as of next year thanks to 288 satellites it has launched into orbit around the Earth capable of transmitting broadband to the surface. In the last hours they have added 34 satellites to their infrastructure, but they plan more.

Within a year, they hope to raise the number of satellites to at least 648 at their discretion before finally activating the service, but in the same year 2021 they will begin testing.

As reported by Digital Trends, the first tests will take place in Alaska and Canada in the final months of 2021. This will be about 8 years after its founding as a company and after going through various phases in which the project has reached a stagnation stage.

The possibility of offering a high-speed connection and low latency is very ambitious, but it appears to be a very competitive service that companies like Amazon are also entering through the Kuiper project. Additionally, in the case of SpaceX and its Starlink, they already have 1,700 satellites in orbit.

But OneWeb will continue to launch more satellites and will publish another 34 in September. Unfortunately, it is not known at the moment how advanced its technology is and how fast it is delivering. Although there are details that add additional value to the company and its future plans.