Girl caught during a live broadcast while playing Hearthstone on Twitch

Alexandra was arrested on Twitch live stream as a result of a prank that misled the police.

On February 9, she went live, when the police suddenly arrived to arrest her while she was playing.

According to information from PC Gamer, Alexandra had about an hour of live streaming before all of this happened.

Three police officers entered Alistrasa’s room. One of the officers had a pistol, the other what looked like a hunting rifle, and the third a riot shield.

They aimed their weapons at the camera and examined the perimeter, including behind the door, before standing on the stairs, a situation captured in another clip.

Alestrasa was not in the room at the time, but in a separate video, after the broadcast had been active for 25 minutes, she returned to tell her followers that she had been beaten.

Then the broadcast closed, and she told all her followers that everything was under control. Alistrazza later clarified on Twitter that her entire family was on hold.

The girl also described in detail the alleged problem that led to her being detained while playing. Apparently, someone called the police with a false report that a woman had shot her husband, locked herself in the bathroom and threatened to shoot anyone who entered.
Although none of this happened at Alistrazza’s home, she and her family were arrested by the police to assess the validity of the threat.