Google announces the closure of its Poly program

It’s not the first and it won’t be the last, in fact Google’s graveyard is full of great apps and services that are no longer on the market, just the passage of time or Google’s incompetence when it comes to selling their products, so Poly’s disappearance wouldn’t surprise us either.

Google just shuts down another of its apps.. Bye Poly

Do some of you know Poly from Google? Well, no, neither are we. Not even Android Police, which this morning echoed the announcement on Google’s support page, which indicated that the Poly app had been shut down to offer a better alternative to Sketchfab.

For those in the know, you should know that Poly closed before yesterday June 30, although not final, and that it will still be possible for an indefinite period to access uploaded forms and Tilt Brush files from Google Takeout.

And what was Poly? Well, for those who didn’t know it, the interesting thing about this service or app is that Poly has integrated an online repository of 3D models that any user can upload to the app and share, as it shows them in a weird 3D interface accessible from the web and devices portable.

The idea was to have a database of usable models for developments aimed at virtual or augmented reality, although since the launch of ARCore, the app has already lost almost all of its meaning.

Anyway, the app had some cool stuff like sharing on social networks, options to create quick GIFs with models for posting on other sites or it could even display specific content licenses so that every user knows what permissions are available to work or practice with each model.

It’s over now, so if you’re interested in this 3D world, you won’t be able to access Poly, or search for its alternative like Monster Mash from Google itself.