Soon new services from Google similar to “Apple One” Get to know them

Last year, Apple introduced its Apple One subscription package, a package that integrates subscription to Apple Music, Arcade, iCloud, TV, and, in some countries, Fitness and News.

Paying for each of these subscriptions separately is a lot more expensive than paying for the Apple One, which is why Google seems determined to go the same way with some of its subscriptions.

They discovered in 9to5Google that when unpacking the latest version of the Google app, there are references to a package that will combine Google One subscriptions and Google Play Pass, two services in many countries.

The app icon indicates that users who pay for Google One will be able to add Play Pass to their subscription at an undisclosed discount. On the other hand, there will also be a package where users who do not pay for either service will be able to pay for Play Pass and Google One at a reduced rate, that is, for less money than the cost of paying each service separately.

Although it was indicated that this package will have a discount, the final price or the percentage of savings that users will receive has not been revealed.

Google will also offer a trial version of this subscription package, and states that it will charge the corresponding fee month after month. The Mountain View-based company will likely consider evaluating acceptance of this package before taking the next step and integrating more subscription services like YouTube Premium or YouTube Music