Google Office version is finally getting an important update (Dark Mode)

The dark mode is one of the most wanted features in the last period through its many advantages. This feature, which has already become available in the mobile version of the Google search engine, has been absent for a long time from the desktop version of the search engine, but Google has already started to rectify the matter.

Night mode or dark mode has finally become available in the desktop version of the Google broadcast engine.

as the sources indicated that Google has already started employing the new update for a number of users, as this will be gradually until all users become available from the feature, after a period of time. Tests for this feature lasted months.

According to the sources, the dark mode feature on Google has begun to reach users on Windows 10 and Mac systems, and Android Police says that the new dark look will replace the vast white spaces for searching in dark gray and inverted text and most icons into different shades of gray and white that are apparently easier for the eyes at night. .

It is expected that the new feature will continue to be circulated to users in the next few days and weeks.