Google removes more than 150 fraudulent applications

The mobile world continues to give us bad news in the form of scams and scams. Now Avast has exposed a new scam by apps.

With the advent of smartphones, developers around the world saw a new world opening before their eyes. The problem is that this window of opportunity has been exploited by hackers.

The popular Avast antivirus has done extensive research on a premium scam campaign called Ultima SMS. This campaign consists of applications that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Once installed, these apps request information to sign up for a premium service that can cost up to $40 a month.

The investigation revealed 151 apps linked to the scam campaign, the first of which was Ultima Keyboard 3D Pro. Here we leave you the official list of fraudulent applications according to Avast that you need to remove:

Ultima SMS

In total, users have downloaded rogue apps more than 10.5 million times in more than 80 countries, including the United States (with 170,000 downloads).

Google has already removed 151 apps that Avast has referenced in the Google Play Store, but Google doesn’t have the ability to uninstall them from the user’s device, so the task for users now is to delete them from their smartphones and tablets.