Google search engine alternatives to protect your privacy

Privacy on the Internet is one of the important topics that have been greatly focused on in previous periods after the incident of security leaks and scandals that occurred to major companies whose name was associated with the sale of personal data to users such as the Cambridge scandal with Facebook.

And if we do a little review of the way popular search engines like Google work, we can see that they collect any traces left by the user when entering the results, they hope to get in terms of personal data.

From this information, the Google search engine creates profiles for each user that allows him to display accurate results at the expense of his privacy, and although Google is the first search engine that we resort to every time we search for the Internet for the reason that it provides excellent results and a good rate commensurate with the needs of the user However, it has a significant privacy flaw.

Because of this, many users have tried to find alternatives to prevent their information from falling into the hands of suspicious third parties and search engines, and the developers have also used their skills to create solutions that allow us to enjoy the Internet without worrying about our personal information.

And in this new post, we will share with you some great alternative services to Google search engine that focus on protecting our data and our identity in the first place. The first service is called which is a search engine that protects our data using a series of processes that include encryption so that no one else can access your information, and the second service OneSearch which is a powerful search tool that is completely focused on protecting users’ privacy as it prevents the use of cookies Link to activity tracking as in the case of Google.

When performing a search in the engine, this information is encrypted on the user’s device. The information entered is sent to the search engine servers using the service’s access proxy, which allows the IP address to be prevented from being tracked by third parties. The results, are returned to the user using the same mechanism, and are decrypted on the user’s device again to be later displayed on the browser screen.

In this way, the information resulting from the searches is not stored on any server belonging to the companies concerned, in addition, this process ensures that your data is not intercepted by any party intending to leak it, and in this way, you can perform the searches as safely as possible without fear of tracking and collecting your data.


Once you enter the OneSearch service, you will find a switch under the search bar that indicates that the “Advanced privacy” option is activated. This mode encrypts all the data related to the search that you do, and in this way, it provides an excellent layer and levels of security for searching without worrying about the inappropriate use of your data

One of the great functions of OneSearch is that, in addition to the principle of not using tracking cookies, it does not collect or share personal data, which means that if you search for a keyword, you will not receive ten ads targeting the word you entered either in your email or sites that you visit, and the Service does not store your search history and prevent the sharing or collection of your data.