Google TV app, an app that allows you to watch channels for free

Until recently, Google TV was simply the Android TV personalization layer used by new Chromecast devices. Now, it’s also a mobile app, as Google has decided to change the name of the Play Movies app to Google TV. This change is accompanied by a new logo, a completely revamped interface, and new integration with Netflix, Disney, and other streaming platforms.

What Google wants with Google TV is to make it easier to find and play content from different platforms from one place. Obviously, all the content you purchased in the previous app “Play Movies” will remain on Google TV and you will be able to see it from the library section. The TV remote control has also been added to the Android Quick Settings with this update.

Google TV keeps everything that was in Play Movies: a multimedia center where you can buy series and movies to watch. But in addition to that, it now has an interface with content recommendations from the most popular streaming platforms (Netflix, Disney, HBO, etc.) based on what you like and what you’ve watched recently.

From the Google TV interface, you can open movies, series, or documentaries from other services in their corresponding apps. That is, if Google TV recommends a Netflix movie, pressing it will open the movie directly, but in the Netflix app. The only thing that Google TV can play without leaving the app is Google Play Movies content (which is now Google TV content). It will definitely also allow you to play TV channels that the app plans to add in the future for free.

As of this writing, only US account users have been able to upgrade to Google TV. But the app is expected to replace Play Movies worldwide in the coming weeks, with Google already notifying users of the change via email. Want to see if you can now upgrade to Google TV? Update Play Movies from Google Play Store