Google will allow locked files feature to all Android phones

The American company, Google, revealed a new step that provides more privacy for all Android smartphones.

According to Google’s plan, the techniques for hiding photos in closed files will not become exclusive to Pixel phones, and it is expected that this service will soon move to all other phones through the GOOGLE PHOTOS application.

This allows photos and videos, not intended for outsiders, to be collected in private folders that are not directly accessible, according to information obtained by the German website gig.

In May, Google introduced Locked Folders or Locked Files, but this is still only available on its Pixel series phones.

Accordingly, Android phone owners will be able to collect photos and videos that require special protection in locked folders.

Before accessing these files, the operating system will ask for a passcode or fingerprint. According to Google, this prevents unauthorized access to your files.

And now it turns out that Google wants to make the feature available to all Android smartphone owners via the Photos app, starting at least with Android 6.