Hackers hack Trump’s new social media platform before its launch

A former adviser to Donald Trump told Fox News that Donald Trump is “working hard” to create a new, uncensored social network to compete with tech giants that will be called Truth Social and will be launched next year at https://truthsocial.com.

But the irony is that one of the hackers managed to gain access to the platform before it was officially launched, as he tracked the digital footprint of the “Trump Media and Technology Group” company that will run the new platform, and through Shodan’s engine, he was able to access the server running the mobile beta version of Truth Social, which is https://mobile.tmediatech.io has the platform for live recording and publishing as well and has registered on the site as Donald Trump and posted a picture of a pig.

After the news spread, many registered with the names of celebrities, stars and politicians in the platform, which has not yet been released, but the administrators of the site discovered this and blocked access to the domain.

After analysis, it turns out that Trump’s platform is actually just a copy of the open-source social media platform Mastodon.