Here is the OnyX tool to clean up your entire Mac and more options

The Mac system is famous for its interesting programs and is characterized by strong protection of user data, and the Mac also includes many utilities to make the most of your Mac.

Sometimes the default way your Mac handles some basic functions seems quite frustrating, reasons like slow startup and no storage space, sometimes even simple tasks like deleting files by dragging them to the trash don’t seem as simple as they used to be. as the first time.
And if you are looking for a free program to clean your Mac and solve some of the problems that hinder the performance of your device, we suggest you to try the great OnyX tool.
The program provides a simple interface to perform some tasks that usually require complex commands to be executed using the command line interface, the program is available for free download.

When you start it, you will find that it has different tabs including maintenance, files section, settings, etc., and once you are ready, you click on the “Run” option to start the process of cleaning your Mac, and you will be notified with a message that it will be there A need to restart after performing maintenance tasks, and to note that there are different versions of the OnyX tool depending on each operating system, in this sense you should use the correct version for your system number and do not try to use a version that is intended for a different operating system. The program is very important for maintaining and cleaning the Mac operating system and is considered one of the most important applications for cleaning your computer and improving its performance.

Through the “Maintenance” tab, you can perform complete maintenance operations on your device, and in the “Reconstruction” option you will find a list of databases such as Launch Services, XPC Cache, Spotlight Index or Mailboxes, you can check the first three options if you notice a slowdown in dealing with your messages on the mail app

In the “Cleaning” section you will find various options such as System, Applications, Internet, Messages. Etc. You can keep the options selected in order to thoroughly clean your Mac, and as shown at the top of the program window, some processes may take a long time until it is implemented

From the Utilities menu you can check the file system structure, the tool scans your disk to check for any corrupt files, and from the Applications panel you can access a number of hard-to-access applications that are by default in macOS, and from Within the Settings tab, you’ll find some default settings that macOS doesn’t offer by default to take advantage of.

It is important to emphasize that you must use the correct version of the program that suits your system, and through this link you can access the different versions according to each operating system