Heylink service to create a group of links in one link

Social media platforms of all kinds are a quick and important means of communicating with others, allowing us the opportunity to speak freely, as well as a means of conveying the latest news and knowing important events.

Through social media platforms, we can exchange content, ideas and interests and interact with them, and they can also be used to market projects and commercial activities. In this sense, social networks are a good opportunity to launch your brand and promote your product, and by creating a page on a dedicated page Your product information will be the first step to your goal, and platforms like Twitter and Instagram have a default field dedicated to including links in your account bio.

These sections give you the ability to promote your products, or transfer your account visitors to other social networks such as Facebook or your YouTube channel, however the limitation here is that Instagram and Twitter only allow adding one link only, and to bypass this problem we will share with you the heylink tool, a service It allows you to add more than one link in this field in a simple way, in this way you can add all the links of your social accounts in one place, and it is also a useful way to shorten long links to facilitate sharing with others and it is also easy to copy them easily.

It is worth noting that the service is completely free and only requires you to create an account with your email to start using it.

In the main interface of Heylink service, you will click on the Start for free option and register your account on the site

Now you only need to enter all the links of your accounts on the Internet to be generated into one link, and for reference, the service allows you to customize them according to the category you fall into by placing subheadings below each link

You can save and copy the new link that has been generated, and by clicking on it, it will look like this neat shape where all links are in one place This way you can add it in the custom field on Twitter and Instagram with ease.