Huawei announces a new patent, but a strange patent

Despite the sanctions imposed on Huawei in the field of smart phone industry, the Chinese company is still continuing its achievements in the development of smart phone technology, both at the level of software and hardware, hardware security is one of the important areas for Huawei.

A strange patent from Huawei

A new report by Huawei Central indicates that Huawei published a new patent in China for unlocking a smartphone, titled “equipment unlocking method and device” on June 29, 2021. It can be noted from the patent that it will use the biological characteristics of lip movement to determine the identity of an individual. Moreover, it also has adaptability, anti-forgetting features, uniqueness, and versatility for more support.

According to Huawei Central, the patent describes a method for unlocking the phone, which consists of a scanning module and an identification module.

The procedure following this method can be described in the following terms:

the scanning unit takes the image of the user’s lip movement and then scans the first lip movement from the store, where the first lip movement is stored and matches the similarity after scanning, matches the degree between the first and second lip movements after that, Decides whether to unlock the device It is worth noting that the device has pre-stored lip moments as fingerprints to identify an individual’s authentication.

The site indicates that if the new Lips Movement Unlock technology is developed by Huawei, it will certainly cause a sensation among consumers, without any confirmation that this will happen soon.