Hurry up to download the new official Android 12.1 wallpaper

You can now download the new official Android 12.1 wallpaper

It seems increasingly clear that the next version of the operating system after Android 12 will not be Android 13, but an incremental release called Android 12.1. But despite its name, little by little we realize that the update will make major changes to the system.

For the past five years, Google has used the so-called “pink sky” wallpaper as the default wallpaper on Android, from version 7 to version 12.

However, with Android 12.1, the company intends to make a change to the default wallpaper style, with an abstract pattern image leaving pink behind and choosing shades of blue and purple on a dark background.

The update that will introduce this wallpaper, as well as the rest of the changes to Android 12.1, is scheduled to take place sometime next year 2022, after Android 12 and before the arrival of Android 13.

Meanwhile, it is now possible to download the new version of the original Android wallpapers in quality High.

Android 12.1 background image

Android 12.1 background image