Hyundai Officially Acquires Boston Dynamics

The South Korean company’s (Hyundai) acquisition of the famous Boston Dynamics company, which specializes in the manufacture of robots, has been officially terminated, months after the deal was first announced, which will finally allow the automaker to officially enter the robotics industry as well.

And the credible South Korean economic newspaper The Korea Economic Daily had indicated last December that Hyundai had agreed with the Japanese company SoftBank to formally acquire Central Dynamics, and the economic newspaper The Korea Economic Daily estimated that the value of this huge deal would exceed 1 4 billion US dollars, but things became clearer in the past hours.

Hyundai has officially completed the acquisition of Boston Dynamics for an amount of up to $1.1 billion, in which the South Korean company will get 80% of the shares, while the Japanese company SoftBank the former owner of the majority of Boston Dynamics shares will get 20% of the shares. company.

Although Boston Dynamics’ robots are still not intended for the public, and their use is still limited only to large industrial activities, and their manufacture has not started in abundance yet, many companies were interested in acquiring this company, due to what robotic technology opens of the horizons for all industries without exception.

Hyundai had posted a video on its account to announce the new acquisition.