iOS 15: What to expect, what features and devices it supports?

We are close to the appearance of the new iPhone operating system iOS 15, as Apple officially confirmed its annual developer conference on June 7, which means that we will see a first look at what is coming in iOS 15, and the WWDC conference is a major event that Apple holds to announce About the new programs and features that will be launched on its various devices along with the major updates and with the approaching date, we will review with you during the following lines what we expect from the features in the new operating system iOS 15.

  • new lock screen

iOS 15 is expected to introduce a significant update to the iPhone’s lock screen, and according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman, there will be a new menu screen accessible from the lock screen that will allow you to quickly adjust notification preferences (such as the sounds or vibrations your iPhone makes when you receive iMessage or Twitter notification), and you’ll also be able to access these features in the Control Center when you unlock your iPhone.

  • iMessage auto reply

iOS 15 is expected to bring some great features to the iMessage app, including an improved auto-reply feature. Your iPhone currently has an auto-reply feature that you can set up via the Settings app and the Do Not Disturb tab, but it’s only available While driving (or when the device is set to driving mode), but with iOS 15, Gurman suggests that you’ll be able to set different states and the auto-response will vary depending on that specific state.

Also, updates for iMessage are in the works, although details are not available at the moment, however, Apple is said to be aiming to better compete with WhatsApp.

  1. Privacy

Apple will add a new list showing apps that silently collect data from users, as Apple aims to increase device privacy further and protect its users’ data.

  • Food Tracking

An unconfirmed rumor indicates that Apple is planning to add a new food tracking feature to the Health app, but it is unclear how extensive this feature will be. Users can be allowed to enter the names of the food items they consume, and their ingredients are brought along with calories, and it is not known whether Users would have needed to enter all the information manually or whether the company was going to create a new type of food database.

  • Dark Mode

There might be some slight tweaks in the dark mode to the different color options, such as iMessage bubbles.

5-Settings app updates
We can see minor UI changes spotted in screenshots of the accessibility features that are believed to come with iOS 15.

  • iPadOS Add-ons

For the iPad, Apple plans to introduce a new home screen for the device, where users will be able to place widgets anywhere on the home screen, and the entire application network will be replaced by widgets.

New access options
In celebration of World Accessibility Awareness Day, Apple has unveiled some of the new accessibility features that will be available on its iPhone, iPad, and smartwatch operating systems in iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8 updates, including:

Background Sounds – In support of Neurodiversity, the company is adding a background sounds feature designed to help users maintain focus, calm or rest.

Balanced, bright, or dark noises are available, as well as ocean, rain, and more, all sounds can be set to play in the background to mask unwanted environmental or external noise, and Apple says the sounds blend or subside below system and other sounds.

AssistiveTouch feature – For users with reduced mobility, the feature will assist them via the Apple Watch and without the need to touch the screen or the controls.

Built-in motion sensors, an optical heart rate sensor, and on-device machine learning will allow the Apple Watch to detect subtle differences in muscle movement and tendon activity that will control an on-screen cursor through hand gestures such as tapping or using the index finger and thumbs together. AssistiveTouch is due to launch at a later date from this year 2021.

iPad Eye-Tracking Feature – Also scheduled to launch later this year, iPadOS will support third-party eye-tracking devices to allow people to control their iPads with their eyes.

MFi Hearing Enhancements – Apple introduces new support for bi-directional hearing aids, enabling hands-free phone calls and FaceTime conversations, next-generation models from MFi Partners are coming later this year.

Audio charts for headphones fixtures – Headphone setups will have support for audio charts, so that users can customize the audio by importing their latest hearing test results.

Voice Actions for Switch Control – This feature replaces physical buttons and switches with voice commands, such as a click, pop, or other sound, and is intended for users who do not speak and have limited mobility.

Display settings and text size – These will be customizable on an app-by-app basis in order to help users make the screen easier to see, especially those with color blindness or other vision challenges.

What devices will be compatible with iOS 15?

iOS 15 is expected to be supported by every iPhone released in the last six years, starting with the iPhone 7 and later. This means that if you have an iPhone SE (2016), iPhone 6s, or 6s Plus, chances are it won’t be. Your device is supported by the new system and here are the iPhone devices that will run the new operating system:

iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12
iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone SE 2020
iPod touch 7th generation

When will iOS 15 be available?

iOS 15 is likely to be announced at Apple’s WWDC 21 developer conference on June 7, and the beta version of the software will likely be available soon after that, but users will have to wait several months, most likely until early September when it will be released. iOS 15 is officially available on all supported iPhones.

Finally, these were some of the leaks and expectations that were announced by the accounts of the famous leaks and experts along with what Apple talked about, but what about you, what do you expect or like to see from the features of the iPhone when Apple unveils its new system iOS 15, Tell us in the comments.