iPhone 13 Pro cost? Is it more than the Galaxy S21?

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to make a smartphone? And how much does it cost to make the new iPhone 13 Pro? Thanks to the analysis of the new Apple phone, we can find out how much the company will cost to manufacture it. Today we will not only tell you what the number is, but we will compare it to another star competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Adding up all component and assembly costs, a TechInsights study revealed that the 256GB iPhone 13 Pro cost Apple $570. Of course, this price does not include details such as transportation, research and development, or manufacturing costs. It’s the price Apple pays to buy and assemble all the components, in one form or another.
In the US, the 256GB iPhone 13 Pro currently sells for $1,099, leaving a profit margin of around $529. You shouldn’t think that all of that is what Apple earns with every sale, because there are more costs that aren’t reflected in the $570 they spend on making this phone.

Does the iPhone 13 Pro cost more or less to make than the Galaxy S21 Ultra?

After the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, another study revealed that it costs around $533. This allows us to see that the cost of manufacturing the best mobile phone from Samsung is lower than the cost of manufacturing the iPhone 13 Pro, which is not the most expensive mobile phone from Apple. Both feature premium materials and high-quality components. This shows that Samsung has better optimized product costs.

While Samsung is drastically reducing the price of its devices, Apple is doing the opposite. It is very difficult to buy an iPhone at a price much lower than its starting price, while you can currently buy the Galaxy S21 Ultra for about 150 or 200 euros less than the iPhone 13 Pro.