Is it possible to hack a phone just by receiving a text message

Apparently, a hacker can hack any phone simply by sending a text message, and without any additional interaction from the victim.

Hackers have greatly improved the attacks targeting different individuals with mobile phones, but the most powerful hacking software is often used to try to unlock the phones of great personalities, activists and even journalists, endangering such a dangerous element as information.

Although much progress has been made regarding computer security, the truth is that an important journalist from The New York Times has confirmed that his phone was hacked even on two occasions only by receiving a text message, without any other kind of interaction…

The story was told in an article where the journalist said, “I was hacked,” noting that “the spyware used against me makes us all vulnerable,” no matter what device you have.

This was pointed out by reporter Ben Hubbard, who specializes in covering the Middle East, and reports that hackers used the “zero-click” feature to get into the phone in 2020 and 2021, simply by receiving a text message.

This was confirmed by the spyware research institute Citizen Lab, which reported that the source text of the sent message came from a spyware called Pegasus, allegedly created by NSO Group, a spyware developer company based in Israel.

Google and Apple tend to pay close attention to device security, and while the average user shouldn’t be overly concerned if they keep their phone fully updated and use common sense, it’s possible that VIPs, activists, and journalists are more vulnerable to these types of more advanced attacks.