Is it true that the file size of Halo Infinite is more than 97 GB

While Microsoft has not set a release date for Halo Infinite, game leaks continue to circulate, and the latest rumors have stated that the game may witness a presence in Battle Royale competitions.

Today, there are new leaks indicating a leaked image of the game shows that the size of the game files or the space it requires on the Xbox is 97.24 GB.

Recently, a report spread showing that Halo Infinite is suffering in terms of performance on Xbox One, with the Digital Foundry team stating that they have noticed a drop in resolution on the Xbox One S, in some cases reaching 540p. Both the Xbox One X and Xbox One S have a lower quality slideshow with a frame rate cap of 30 frames.

As for the Xbox One S, there were more sacrifices compared to the rest of the copies in terms of image quality, as it lacks graphic settings such as Screen Space Reflection and also low ground details similar to the Switch version.

The technical team confirmed that the studio took the negative impressions of the 2020 demo into account and the quality has been improved compared to what was shown last year.

DigitalFoundry described the behavior of the Bots in this technical presentation as impressive and commendable, similar to what would be expected of real players, which is promising.

In the 120fps mode, the resolution on Xbox Series X is between 1080p and 1440p. As for the Xbox One X, it offers similar resolutions to Series X, but at a lower performance of 30 frames per second, with frame pacing issues.

In conclusion, the Digital Foundry team mentioned that it is time to rise to the new generation and that there is an opportunity and time to improve performance and problems on all platforms.