Is the Galaxy Note commercial series coming to an end and forever

Samsung is not renewing the Galaxy Note commercial series, which means the end of it for good

The final farewell to the Galaxy Note seems to be accelerating, and despite the fact that many are still anticipating the Galaxy Note22 for next year, the truth is that all the signals coming from Samsung confirm otherwise.

In fact, Samsung itself has been bragging on some occasions that its new Galaxy Z foldable design is selling better than the Galaxy Note and generating more interest, something that clearly underscores Samsung’s strategy to ditch the Galaxy Note series.

The next step was confirmed by SamMobile a few hours ago, as Samsung has just started renewing all Samsung Galaxy brands, and unfortunately not among them is the Galaxy Note brand that indicates that it is discontinued permanently.

Obviously, things are changing and the end of the chip crisis will be Samsung’s decision to abandon the Galaxy Note brand but it will integrate the S-Pen into the Galaxy S series in the same way, within the body of the device, something that would make us happy even though we say goodbye to the Galaxy series Note that has a great history.

Whatever the case, the only thing we know for sure is that at Samsung there is a debate about the continuity of Note mobile phones or not, something that has already been noticed because in 2021 they gave up on renewal due to a lack of chips and the need to move forward to publicize and continue the Galaxy Z.

And what series will survive this strategic shift from Samsung? Well, for now, the Galaxy A, Galaxy M, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Z series are all signed up, which look like they’re destined to continue, so now we just need to wait for confirmations and see if they’ll add the Galaxy Note series or not, although all News and hints and by a large extent confirm about the end.