Jeff Bezos announces that he is leaving the position of CEO of Amazon

A few hours after Amazon announced one of its biggest deals with the acquisition of the famous movie maker MGM for a record amount of more than $ 8 billion, Amazon was on a date with a new, more important announcement, and it came to the announcement of Jeff Bezos leaving his position as president of Amazon.

Jeff Bezos announced the decision to leave his position as CEO of the e-commerce giant Amazon, as he revealed in an interview with the American Variety magazine, and Jeff Bezos indicated that this will be officially completed on July 5, and he chose Andy Gacy to succeed him in this position, But Jeff Bezos’s departure from the position of CEO does not mean that he will permanently relinquish his responsibilities in the company, as he will remain on the company’s board of directors.

For Jeff Bezos, the date of July 5, when he intends to leave his post, is a date that carries great symbolism, as he says in his interview with Variety magazine: “It is an emotional history for me, it is the date of the official founding of Amazon as a commercial company in the year 1994, 27 years ago.” He also commented on Andy Gacy’s assumption of this position by saying, “He has the highest standards and I guarantee that Andy will not let the universe make us a model.

Jeff Bezos had referred to the step-down last February, and considered it an opportunity to devote himself to other important projects, foremost of which is the ambitious and pioneering Blue Origin project, which aims to enable humans to travel through space. “As President of Exec,” Jeff Bezos said in this regard. I will still be involved with important Amazon initiatives, but I also have the time and energy to focus on the Day 1 Fund, Bezos Earth Fund, Blue Origin, the Washington Post, and my other passion.

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