Konami will introduce a new free soccer game called eFootball

Soon you will enjoy the new football game eFootball
Konami announced that it will offer free eFootball to users

The role of PES has been uncertain since last year, when Konami confirmed that we would not see an annual release as usual and that PES 2021 would just be an update to PES 2020 released in 2019.

But now it’s clear that everything that happened with PES was part of Konami’s series of tests aimed at taking the next step in football games.

Konami has announced what the future holds for the Pro Evolution Soccer series: a name changes and a shift towards free-to-play.

From now on, Konami’s saga of football simulation will be published under the name eFootball, and it will be a free game with small payments. eFootball will be launching sometime this fall, according to the game’s official website.

The main factor that will distinguish the eFootball alternative to PES is that it will be a free game and will be available on multiple devices and that it will have cross-play so that everyone can play in shared sessions online regardless of the type of device used.