Learn about a new and dangerous virus that affects millions of phones

If we already warned last week that Grifthorse had infected several devices for millions of victims, today we have to dust off the speaker once again to warn you of a new threat to Android mobiles around the world.

This time we are referring to FluBot, a dangerous Android Trojan that spreads via text messages with the aim of installing malicious apps on our mobile phone, which acts as a gateway to various phishing scams.

It all starts with a message. According to New Zealand authorities, the victim receives a text message with a link urging him to install an app or security update.

Once the victim clicks on the link and installs the malicious app in turn, it will start bombarding the user with notifications about a supposed virus that has infected the phone. This is where the scam starts to get more sophisticated, as the malicious application claims that this virus, dubbed “FluBot“, is a dangerous spyware for which there is only one cure: install a supposed security update.

Of course, this supposed security update won’t remove FluBot from our devices, but it will open the doors to all kinds of phishing and eventually access our bank details. As if that weren’t enough, this Trojan has the ability to access our contact list in order to expand even further.

In case you were wondering, protecting yourself is not about having an antivirus on your Android but knowing where we click and what we download on our mobile phone. In this case the recommendation is unanimous: be very careful with the SMS you receive. Keep in mind that this Trojan has spread across half of Europe and even Australia and Japan.

If you receive a suspicious message, do not click on any of the attached links. If you click on the link, it is better to restore your mobile phone to factory mode and then change the passwords of those more sensitive accounts.