Learn about a security vulnerability in Windows that has no solution yet

Usually when a software or operating system vulnerability is published, it is because a solution already exists by the company responsible for resolving it, although this has not been the case with the latest security flaw involving the operating system of the world’s most widely used computers. This has resulted in millions of casualties for more than 80% of the most widely used operating system in the computer market.

Beware! They are exploiting a vulnerability in Windows for which there is no solution yet

The vulnerability has been dubbed “PrintNightmare” because it exploits a critical flaw in the Windows print queue.
It was Sangfor researchers who accidentally discovered and published the vulnerability, possibly due to a lack of communication with the company. However, despite the removal of the information, a copy of the vulnerability information was uploaded to GitHub shortly after it was published.

Because of this situation, Microsoft has warned users against exploiting this vulnerability, but since it has not been resolved, it is advised to follow some tips to reduce the risk.

The first thing Microsoft recommends is to install the latest available security patch for Windows 10 (in June).

The print queue works by default in all versions of Windows, so the second recommendation is to disable this option, which will prevent remote printing, however, this does not mean that computers will stop printing, although you will have to connect the computer directly to printer to perform this procedure.

Microsoft explains that the vulnerability code can be implemented in all current versions of Windows, but is investigating whether it can be exploited in all of them so that an attacker can execute remote code and can obtain user information or install malware.