Meet the most criticized video of GTA 5 on PS5 so far!

GTA 5 video has over 100k Dislikes on PS5.

The review of the game GTA 5 on PS5 witnessed mixed opinions from players, as the video did not live up to the aspirations of those waiting for the title, and the improvements offered were not enough according to the opinions of some to launch the game again on PS5 and Xbox Series, and it seems that the series of criticism will not stop anytime soon, after the show has become the most criticized video of all PS5 games on YouTube.

To find out how angry players are with Rockstar Games‘ open world game, criticism and negative comments continued on the official presentation of the PlayStation channel on YouTube, becoming the most criticized video for PS5 games with more than 101 thousand dislikes at the moment, and only 24 thousand likes from Average 1.5 million views.

The criticism has also continued on the Rockstar Games channel with 1 million views, 30 thousand votes in favor and 90 thousand votes against and the number continues to increase every second and the situation does not seem to improve any time soon.

GTA 5 video on PS5 is the most criticized yet!

It seems that the players’ criticisms focus on 3 basic elements, the first is the decision to postpone the launch date to March 2022, the lack of radical differences in terms of graphics compared to the current version of the game, and finally the fact that the improved version is the second after we obtained a similar version at the time of the launch of PS4 devices and Xbox One in the market.

It is noteworthy that the actor and musician Dave Jackson announced through his personal account on the social networking site Facebook that he has been chosen to participate in the new game Grand Theft Auto to play the role of Police Chief Captain McClane.