Memo Stack service to help you prepare well for any exam

If you are preparing for a college or university exam or test, you should know that there are many different revision and memorization methods, and each method may not suit one student compared to another.

In the period near the exams, many students are exposed to tension and confusion, and also to the problem of forgetting because of not memorizing and understanding well in the subject in which they will be tested, and this often happens because of the wrong way of memorizing and reviewing, and in this case it is important to find the simplest way To learn to memorize and understand concepts, knowing that there are different methods that must be taken into consideration for quick and easy memorization of your lessons.

Studying by flashcards is one of the best simple ways to review, which cards contain a set of questions and answers at the same time are randomly displayed to answer them in the correct way as it looks like electronic questionnaires, and in today’s post we will share with you the Memo Stack service, it is a website that allows us to create free review electronic flashcards.

The service is very simple and it is all about creating your own set of flashcards, adding your own questions and answers, and starting the process of answering them from the suggestions that appear below each question until you get the correct answer. In this way, the service will greatly help you to prepare well for any type of exam that may require you to memorize concepts, dates, formulas, etc.

Memo Stack is a free service and to use it you just need to register with your Google account.

Once registered, you will find that the main screen of the service displays a graph, and to create your flashcards, simply click on “Create a new group”, enter the name and you can immediately add the flashcards by entering your questions and answers.

After that, you just have to click on the “Learn All” option to start the learning process, the question will be displayed and by clicking on the button at the bottom the answers will be displayed with two options to indicate whether you answered correctly or not, and when you are finished you click on Option “Finish” and the statistics of your answers will be displayed.

This way you can prepare well for any test in a simple and fun way.