Memory Diag tool to speed up your computer and RAM

If you use resource-intensive programs to open such as Adobe suite programs or powerful video games, your Mac may be overflowing with RAM, making the device less responsive when it comes to performing virtual tasks.

Here is this free tool to clean RAM and speed up device performance as if you bought it new

Fortunately, OS X is able to help you clean up your device’s RAM when it is full, which will speed up your Mac.

However, macOS only provides device activity monitoring that allows you to see which programs are consuming RAM, and does not allow memory to be removed when it runs out, i.e., it does not have any RAM management tool

That is why we suggest that you use a third-party utility such as Memory Diag, thanks to which you will be able to manage and optimize the memory installed on your device on your own. The program is completely free and available in the App Store, with it you can easily and quickly unload the RAM, and also find out which applications keep a portion of the RAM when they are open in the background, and thanks to Memory Diag, you can also get a simple graph and detailed lets you know which apps are consuming the most RAM. This is a graph that changes every time apps are opened or closed in real time, and from there you can free up or remove RAM by clicking the button in the center of the graph to relieve stress and resource consumption on your device.

Through this link, you can download the Memory Diag tool on your device, and in the main interface you will find a colored pie chart with five colors. Green color compresses data so that it takes up less memory space, yellow tracks open files and network connections, and blue cache speeds up access to certain data.

Memory Diag offers some interesting customization options. To access them, you right-click the application icon in the menu bar and select the Preferences setting, and from the General tab, you can program the tool to launch when you log in to your Mac.

In the Appearance tab, you can change the theme of the app from default to dark and other themes, and you can also display the free RAM in the menu bar as a number or as a percentage.

From the Advanced tab, you can customize the program so that it automatically frees up RAM within a certain limit that you specify, you can select to display 8 apps that consume the most system resources instead of one, and other options I let you discover for yourself.