Messi’s salary at his new club PSG will include payment in cryptocurrency

It is very difficult today that no one knows about cryptocurrencies, especially some of the most famous ones such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. This form of electronic money is a form of investment for many people that makes them earn huge amounts of money. However, just like winning, you can also lose, so it is advisable to get training before executing any financial transaction with these coins. In fact, anyone can buy cryptocurrency and get started in this world. But what no one was counting on was that Lionel Messi’s salary at PSG would include cryptocurrencies from the Parisian team.

It’s hard not to know after the news that’s been going around the world in recent days. Which is that Leo Messi stopped being a FC Barcelona player after 21 years at the club.
Barcelona’s financial problems prevented him from renewing his contract, so PSG took him for free, despite paying him an astronomical salary.

In fact, he was presented yesterday wearing his new shirt for all to see, especially those who are now his new fans, who had no problem standing in huge queues at the club’s official store to get a shirt bearing the Argentine star’s name.

Everyone assumed that Messi would receive a salary commensurate with the rank of his global star, but no one expected that this salary would include payment in cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, it is remarkable that this type of electronic money is included in the salary of Leo Messi in Paris Saint-Germain. The Paris club confirmed in a statement that this initiative positions Paris Saint-Germain as one of the most innovative and leading brands in the world.

So, we will see if this innovative initiative is taken as an example by other clubs and the inclusion of cryptocurrencies in the salaries of future contracts or if it is just something that will not be used anymore.