You can now login to your account with your fingerprint or facial recognition

Microsoft abolishes the traditional password system

Microsoft has advanced its vision of a future without passwords with a new option in Microsoft accounts that allows this use of passwords to be eliminated entirely if the user chooses alternative, more robust options.

Microsoft account users will find a new option in Security Settings. If you have the Authenticator app installed on your smartphone, and you’ve linked the account, you can choose to remove the password completely.

An account without a password requires other methods for the user to authenticate, such as facial recognition on computers with Windows Hello or fingerprint reading.

All of these methods can be activated directly from your Microsoft account settings. As they explain, these methods are more complex in terms of “theft” and at the same time are more convenient to use.

Currently, the easiest way to do this in your Microsoft account is to download the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile phone (available for both iOS and Android). Once downloaded, you must sign in with your Microsoft account and in the account settings panel of a browser to confirm the new associated device.

After that, it will give us the option to remove the password and once that is done every time we want to log in we will just have to confirm the new device from the Microsoft Authenticator app.