Microsoft shuts down LinkedIn in China at the end of the year

Despite the fact that many services and platforms have strived to maintain their crown, LinkedIn remains the largest professional network in the world; However, Microsoft has now decided to withdraw it from one of the most important large markets.

On Thursday morning, the tech company announced that the version of LinkedIn it was offering to China would be gone.

The decision was made after allegations by academics and journalists about a series of notices warning that their personal accounts should be blocked in China, the Wall Street Journal noted.

Through a blog post, Microsoft confirmed that with LinkedIn offline in China, a new product will be launched under the name InJobs.

Although Microsoft has indicated that LinkedIn’s withdrawal is related to “Aéxito’s lack of success in the most social aspects of sharing and staying informed”, the truth is that this decision may be the result of a political dispute between China and America that affected various brands.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Chinese government directed Microsoft to better regulate its content in March, with a 30-day period, a situation for many that is a response to the veto that TikTok has enjoyed for some time in the United States.