Minecraft Earth 0.33.0 APK + Mod (Full Money) on Android

With Minecraft Earth, discover a new dimension to Minecraft while creating, exploring and surviving in the real world.

Join a community of builders and explorers scattered around the world, gather resources for your construction, make them in augmented reality, then put them to the normal size.

  • You can also collaborate with others on mini adventures!
  • Create amazing creativity in setting the table and placing it in the real world at its natural size.
  • Collaborate with other builders and create group masterpieces together.
  • Discover an entirely new aspect to your local neighborhood, and watch it evolve over time.
  • Discover unique mobs like Muddy Pigs and Moobloom, and use them to fill your buildings!

Game description:

About the game
Minecraft Earth is a free adventure game for Android of the type of building and construction games, the game uses Augmented Reality augmented reality technology to transfer the fun and open world of Minecraft to the ground where you take the player on a fun adventure during which he builds different houses and buildings in the virtual Minecraft Earth world in cooperation with friends.

Game Augmented Reality:

Using Augmented Reality technology in the world of mobile games is not a new thing, for example Pokémon GO is one of the games that has gained great popularity due to its use of this technology in the game environment, the main augmented reality feature is that it moves the virtual game world to the player’s real reality and allows him to interact with The game world directly.

In Minecraft Earth the player will be able to create and construct buildings and homes with augmented reality where the player can see his creations through the mobile or tablet screen drawn on the ground in any location as if they are already in reality, also all other players in the game can see your creations and interact with them.

Pooling resources:

If you are one of the people who enjoyed playing Pokémon Go, you surely know that these types of games you will not be able to enjoy while sitting on the sofa inside your house, this type of augmented reality games requires the player a lot of times to interact with external influences, for example In Pokémon Go, players had to go around their dwellings to all Pokémon characters or enter duels.

Minecraft Earth game requires the same from players, in order to construct anything from buildings, gardens or other installations within the game you need to collect resources from the environment surrounding you, so the player needs to go outside the home and start collecting resources from the neighboring areas and streets, but everyone in the game You can collect resources even while you are in the car, not just while on foot.

With Minecraft Earth build and build your creativity

Minecraft games have always been related to building and creativity, so Minecraft Earth gives the opportunity to express yourself with your wonderful creations in building engineering and engineering designs, use the various resources available in the game to build wonderful buildings from homes, palaces, castles, villas, gardens … anything you can imagine It can be planned and built with the game.

The credit for this is due to the diversity of resources available to the player in Minecraft Earth, which the player can use and use in creativity and construction processes of wood and stone in its various forms and the use of water to make artificial lakes and beautiful fountains and the beautiful paint colors that give your buildings and creativity in the game a distinctive wonderful shape.

Collaborate with your friends

It is known that the fun of playing becomes better with the presence of friends or other players who have the same interests, perhaps that is why we see the great success achieved by online games that run on mobile devices such as the game Mobile, Fortnite and Free Fire and other such games, so we see that the company Mojang, the developer for Minecraft games, did not lose sight of that point when designing Minecraft Earth.

The player with Minecraft Earth will not only be able to showcase his creativity from beautiful buildings and installations with other players, but also you can collaborate with your friends in building and creativity together and jointly,

where players can start designing buildings in a small size and then display the building in the size of the buildings in reality so that it occupies Building is the whole room or place, players can also take adventures together and fight against alien creatures and wild creatures to try to survive.

Features of Minecraft Earth:

  1. Free adventure game with augmented reality technology.
  2. It works on phones and tablets with Android 7 or higher.
  3. Enjoy building beautiful buildings and creating unique creations.
  4. Exciting adventures in the open virtual world of Minecraft.
  5. Collect resources from your environment and go outside.
  6. Collaborate with your friends in making great creations and buildings or embark on exciting adventures for survival.

The final opinion:

If you are a fan of virtual reality games like Sims and love building games like Clash of Clans and Lords Mobile and want to try a new quality of those games during which you enjoy building and building a whole world in virtual reality, Minecraft Earth gives you a unique experience of this type of games backed by reality technology Brilliant auger

What’s new in Minecraft Earth update 0.33.0:

New Stuff:

  1. – Super Season
  2. – Reduced build plate store costs
  3. – Reduced crafting times
  4. – Reduced smelting times
  5. – Increased rare item drops in Tappables and Adventures
  6. – This will be the final scheduled update; Minecraft Earth will be shutting down on 06/30/2021.

New Mobs and Variants:

  1. – Fuzzy Sheep
  2. – Cream Cow
  3. – Sooty Pig
  4. – Freckled Rabbit
  5. – Long Nose Sheep
  6. – Gold Crested Chicken
  7. – Dairy Cow
  8. – Mottled Pig

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