Minecraft tips for beginners. Gather resources and build your first shelter

Minecraft has managed to gain a special place in the gaming world, and this is because it has a large fan base, despite its release ten years ago.

One of the reasons Minecraft is so popular is because it offers an open world, a world where anything can happen.

In order to survive in this world, you will collect resources to build weapons, houses and other survival supplies.

And unlike other open world games that give you something to start with.

Minecraft gives you nothing at first, it leaves you to collect resources and use them the way you want.

There are no rules or story you have to go through, and you can explore the world however you like the way you like.

And if you are new to the world of Minecraft or thinking about starting the game for the first time, we offer you a set of tips that will help you explore and enjoy its world as much as possible.

Collect resources through trees:

When you start the game for the first time you need to collect some resources in order to survive in this world, and as we said earlier, the game does not give you any resources or weapons to start with.

And you can destroy the trees in the first area of the game to benefit from the resulting wood, by directing punches to the trees until the wood starts falling from them, and don’t worry, the trees will not cause any harm to you.

You can use wood for a lot of things throughout the game, but first build the crafting table for later use.

Collect stones for building in Minecraft:

You can head to the caves and mountains after you have collected enough wood, and this is after making a wooden ax using the tool table we mentioned earlier.

To do this, head to the nearest stone area or mountain next to you, and then start smashing stones and rocks to collect them, and after you collect the right amount of stones start crafting your weapons and different forms of axe.

You must have a sufficient variety of weapons to be able to survive in the game world and enjoy it, and you can easily get the crafting table and its requirements to save yourself some time.

Build your first shelter inside Minecraft:

You should take care of building your first shelter as quickly as possible in Minecraft, whatever its level or shape. At night you will be vulnerable to the attacks of monsters looking for you.

And you can hide inside the shelter when night falls in the game to protect yourself from these monsters.

In the future you won’t have to worry about it and it will be another way to collect resources as well.

You can build your first shelter by using the timber, stones, and sand available around you.

When you move to an advanced level in Minecraft, building a shelter in Minecraft becomes an aesthetic process and the focus of many challenges.

Searching for food and animal resources:

After surviving your first night in Minecraft you must now search for animals for food.

You can get different resources from the animals after you hunt them, which are useful to continue the game.

You can use the food to heal yourself from your wounds and injuries, and also to multitask in the game.

In addition, you can get food through fruits growing on trees or catching different animals and even fish, but you must keep your food handle full at all times.

Get a light source in Minecraft:

You can light up a dark place in the game using these sources, and they also help you to protect against monsters because they hate light very much.
The simplest way to get lighting in the game is to build a flaming torch, and to do this you need to get coals.
You can get charcoal by building its own furnace out of stones and then cooking the wood in it.
Then put the charcoal on a wooden stick. And then you can put these torches anywhere to get the light.

You can follow these tips at the beginning of Minecraft, and it may seem to you very complicated, but with time it will become much easier.

As you advance in the game, you will need another set of tips for you to enjoy.

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