Over a million downloads of the Clubhouse app in a few days

It seems that the social networking platform specialized in audio Clubhouse has begun early to reap the results of the inclusion of its platform on the Android system finally, after many claims following its resounding success on iOS, which made many platforms copy the same features that are available in Clubhouse.

Less than four days after its official launch on the official Google Play Store for Android, and although access to it is still by invitation, more than a million users have officially downloaded the Clubhouse application, which means a great and unprecedented success for the famous platform, and note The app was officially launched for the first time in March of 2020, and it was downloaded more than 9.5 million times on iOS last February.

The developer had indicated on May 10 that it had already started launching the beta version of the Clubhouse application on Android, as it appeared on the Android online store, Google Play Store, as it became available in the United States of America, while the company indicated that it would become available in the rest of the regions. The world in the coming days or weeks, and Clubhouse said in its account on Twitter that access to the application on Android will be in the invite system for the time being,

Indeed, the official account of Clubhouse on the social networking site Twitter indicated more than a week ago that its application will be available on Android for users in Japan, Brazil and Russia on May 18, while it will become available in Nigeria and India on May 21 in the morning, before it is downloadable. To the rest of the users globally the evening of the same day.