Netflix announces a new step to include video games on its platform

It is no longer a secret that the ambition of Netflix, which specializes in live and on-demand broadcasts, to transform into the electronic games industry, has taken great strides in this field, and in order to confirm this, the platform has acquired a company specialized in this field.

In the past two days, Netflix announced the acquisition of an electronic gaming studio, as the platform said in a statement on its official blog: “We are in the early stages of creating a great gaming experience for our members around the world. Therefore, we are pleased to announce today that Night School Studio has joined Netflix.”

Founded by Sean Krankel and Adam Hines in 2014, Night School Studio is best known for their critically acclaimed first game, OXENFREE. We were inspired by their bold mission to set a new standard for storytelling. in gaming. Their commitment to technical excellence and proven track record makes them invaluable partners as we build the creative capabilities and library of Netflix games together.”

Netflix said it will continue to work with developers around the world and will hire the best talent in the industry to deliver an impressive selection of exclusive games designed for every type of player and any level of play. So, all of these games will be included as part of a user’s Netflix membership, all without ads and without in-app purchases.