Netflix fights VPN to gain access to more hidden content

Using a VPN to access more content on Netflix is more common than we think, but it’s also something whose days could be numbered. From the popular internet content streaming platform, they are getting stricter with these regulations, in addition to using proxies to unblock more content. Many users who use these tools have seen how they can no longer see everything that Netflix has to offer and that some content is only shown to them in a limited way even though they are using the VPN now.

Six years ago, Netflix started blocking users who try to access the app through a VPN. The reason for this decision was pressure from copyright holders, who claimed that these services are being used to circumvent Netflix’s geo-restrictions.

As is often the case in these cases, users interested in getting around these restrictions from Netflix continued to look for new ways to access, while legitimate VPN users – who had no intention of violating the platform’s terms of use – suffered the most from the blockade.

Now it seems that history is doomed to repeat itself, because Netflix has decided to step up its efforts to prevent users from cheating. But this time it did so by blocking “hundreds of thousands” of IP addresses widely used by VPN services.

So, once again, legitimate users are suffering in the abuse they have taken against what Netflix calls “hackers.”