Netflix releases 5 games for Android phones that you can try now

Live streaming games have officially arrived on Netflix and best of all, you don’t have to pay an extra Euro to enjoy them.

The online entertainment giant announced through Twitter that as of this moment, any paying user of the platform can access up to five different games. It is enough to access the Netflix app for Android to know about these first games that have been integrated into the app as other content.

Of course, it should be noted that these five games were already available on Google Play exclusively for platform subscribers. Thus, the novelty is not that they are new games, but that Netflix has created direct access within the application itself, making it easier to access these games for all subscribers of the platform.

The five games available on the Netflix app are as follows:

  1. Shooting Hoops
  2. Card Blast
  3. Teeter Up
  4. Stranger Things 3
  5. Stranger Things: 1984

The five games are included in the Netflix subscription regardless of the contracted plan. It does not contain advertisements or payments of any kind and the progress of the game is saved to each user’s profile.

In order to locate them within the app, as Netflix explained in several screenshots, they will appear within the app in a dedicated section called “Mobile Games,” where all the available games will be grouped together.

In this section, we will have the entire catalog of Netflix games. In order to play one, we will be redirected to Google Play to download it.