new application to know the psychological state of cats

People who live with cats know that these animals are unpredictable and difficult to understand; This dynamic stance makes it unique and fascinating. However, owners sometimes fail to explain pets’ discomfort, resulting in delayed attention that can be dangerous to their beloved companions.

Faced with this situation, it is important to know when a cat feels fear, tension or pain, based on the signs that appear in the body. One way to learn about these expressions is by using the Tably app.

There are different ways of recognizing pain in cats, but the latest one, called Feline Grimace Scale (FGS), is a study presented by researcher from the University of Montreal’s School of Veterinary Medicine, Paulo Stijl.

This study inspired the creation of a technology that makes it easier to recognize cat gestures, based on this method, the Tably app developed by Sylvester.AI.

The app uses a specialty of artificial intelligence, known as automatic learning or machine learning, to recognize patterns, in this case the animal’s facial or body expressions, by looking at a phone’s camera and generating a diagnosis of the state of mind.

Today, Tably is still in the testing period. However, users who have cats in their home or specialize in animal medicine, can request the PETA application by registering on the site.