New Deathloop update to solve an issue with the game on PC

Fix some Deathloop issues on PC after new update

Deathloop has had sporadic technical issues in the PC version, but we know it’s not due to Denuvo, though, and Arkane studio is working hard to fix them as quickly as possible, which has resulted in a new update for PC gamers that solves one of the cameras chopping issues.

Bethesda has announced that Deathloop update 1.708.4.0 is now available for PC and addresses a camera-stuttering issue associated with moving the mouse. The company’s statement added:

Additionally, we are currently researching a solution to various issues that may also be related to the stuttering issue some users are experiencing when it comes to high frame rates, we will update this as soon as we have more information.

Thank you for your patience and help by participating in the beta update last weekend.

Arkane Lyon’s shooter game was released for PC and PS5 on September 14 to critical acclaim with an average rating of 88 on both platforms on Metacritic, and since the partnership between Sony and Bethesda runs for a year, the game is not expected to be available on Xbox before mid-September 2022.

We recall that Deathloop received an excellent game rating from us, while the game’s ratings were bombed on Steam in the last period due to Denuvo’s protection, which some thought was the main cause of these problems.